Upgrade your home with the trend color 2020

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Reminiscent of the endless expanse of the evening sky, has a pleasantly calming and reliable effect and inspires

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Efficient Kitchen Cleaning Tips – Clean your stove

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Have you noticed just how difficult it is to clean your stove and your countertops, and to remove that stubborn grease that simply won’t go away?

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Maintenance tips and product information

by Casa Trasacco |July 25, 2019 |0 Comments | Blogs

Humidity and room temperatures have a decisive effect on the product life of wood, leather and upholstery. The ideal conditions are humidity of 50% to 60% and a constant room temperature of 20°C.

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Modern And Cozy: The Authentico Solid Wood Furniture

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With our successful Authentico series we have proved that the concept of quality solid wood furniture which meet the highest Read More

Warm bathrooms with electronic equipment for towel dryers

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The Noken firm of PORCELANOSA Grupo has developed a new technology for a total wellness experience.

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Trend Alert

by Casa Trasacco |January 2, 2019 |1 Comments | Blogs

Some fashions have been merely updated whilst others take the design sector by storm and prepare to enclothe the future, like a brand-new resplendent dress ready for a special occasion.

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