Coffee & Side Tables

  • Clear Club Nest Of 3 Tables

    Desc: Three-element table set in the classical cube design – A real design classic. A side table made of three elements, uniting top-class, reduced design with the highest levels of functionality. Wonderfully airy but robust at the same time: with 12 mm thick glass ensuring extreme stability. To save space the three tables can be pushed together. A real focal point in any room! Purist, design-oriented and confident – just like the numerous other highlights in our Design & the City trend world. Adherents of straight-lined design will be highly impressed.

    Material: 12mm glass

    Measures (H/W/D): 42 x 42 x 42 centimeters

    Weight: 36.1 kg

  • Coffee Table Art Deco

    Material: Tabletop: Pine Medium density fibreboard (MDF) Lacquered, Legs: Steel powder-coated, 5 kg Max. load-carrying capacity, Delivery Knocked-down, Maintenance and Cleaning: Art. No. 25002 Furniture Cleaner

    Measures (H/W/D): 38 x 110 x 60 centimeters

    Weight: 8.5 kg

  • Coffee Table Bar Colonial

    An attractively designed coffee table with an interesting interior – Our Bar Colonial offers more than meets the eye: treasures of all kinds can be stored in its capacious interior. In other words everything you need for an enjoyable evening. With space for 12 bottles (lying down), additional storage space and a removable tray. Attractive, sophisticated and practical – the Bar coffee table is a real favourite in the chest style with lots of details and a great interior. Dimensions when extended: 200 Other versions also available.

    Material: Textile polyurethane-coated, Laminated veneer lumber Lacquered, Medium density fibreboard (MDF) Natural/untreated, Steel copper-plated, Maintenance and Cleaning: Art. No. 25002 Furniture Cleaner

    Measures (H/W/D): 37 x 120 x 75 centimeters

    Weight: 56 kg

  • Out of Stock

    Coffee Table Collector

    A wonderful old display case with legs. The Collector coffee table is great for both accommodating small treasures and presenting them stylishly. But the best thing is that there s a secret compartment below – for your favourite wines, for example.

    • Furniture with an inner life
    • Vintage charm
    • Solid fir

    Material: corpus: fir solid wood lacquered, tabletop: glass toughened safety glass clear, drawer: laminated veneer lumber lacquered, foot bar: steel powder-coated, delivery knocked-down, Maintenance and Cleaning: Art. No. 25002 Furniture Cleaner

    Measures (H/W/D): 45.5 x 122 x 55 centimeters

    Weight: 15.5 kg

  • Coffee Table Jupiter

    Coffee table: a modern, futuristic glass table with strikingly designed base made of gold-coloured stainless steel. The round, transparent tabletop is made of safety glass. This coffee table is particularly suitable for modern interiors.

    Material: frame: stainless steel titanium-coated, polished, top: tempered glass, delivery knocked down

    Measures (H/W/D): 40 x 100 x 100 centimeters

    Weight: 32 kg

  • Coffee Table Piedra Green

    Marble is a real natural beauty and is surprisingly simple to combine. Together with wood the natural material makes a down-to-earth impression. Marble shows its glamorous side in combination with tropical colors, so be bold!

    • An immediate upgrade in every room: side table with a top made of genuine green marble on a frame that shimmers in a matt brass color
    • Luxurious but not at all ostentatious – this is the new marble style
    • Marble as a natural material celebrates its big comeback in home design
    • Exciting contrast between the graphic frame and the irregularly organically shaped table top
    • Further table variants from the Piedra series available, also with white marble

    Material: Tabletop: Marble Green, Legs: Steel powder-coated, Delivery Knocked-down, Maintenance and Cleaning: Art. No. 25002 Furniture Cleaner

    Measures (H/W/D): 43.5 x 76 x 72 centimeters

    Weight: 22.8 kg

  • Coffee Table Terrazzo Cloud

    Desc:  Material: Frame: Steel powder-coated, Tabletop: Marble, 15 kg Max. load-carrying capacity, Delivery Knocked-down, Maintenance and Cleaning: Art. No. 25002 Furniture Cleaner

    Measures (H/W/D): 45 x 90 x 84 centimeters

    Weight: 44.5 kg

  • Coffee Table Vulcano

    Natural and authentic. This striking coffee table makes an impact with its reduced forms and original details. The black limestone table top is particularly attractive. Other versions available.

    Material: tabletop: natural stone sand stone, legs: steel brass-plated, delivery knocked-down

    Measures (H/W/D): 44 x 82 x 92 centimeters

    Weight: 43.84 kg

  • Coffee Table Wire Black

    Desc: Coffee table with elegant lines. The Wire Black coffee table set looks as if sketched and celebrates the elegance of the minimalist. The black, finely drawn round frame with slender metal rods supports a table top of deep black glass. A modern and cleverly designed composition that looks light-footed and filigree in spite of its striking appearance. Always an enrichment for any modern, reduced furnishing style. The Wire series is available in black, white or copper and two different sizes.

    A modern, loft-like furnishing style

    A light, restrained look

    Material: rack: steel powder-coated, tabletop: glass toughened safety glass clear, 5 mm thickness of panel, delivery knocked-down Maintenance and Cleaning: Art. No. 25002 Furniture Cleaner

    Measures (H/W/D): 33.5 x 69.5 x 69.5 centimeters

    Weight: 12.5 kg

  • Side Table Animal Bear

    An ursine side table, not just for animal lovers – Our Bear side table, a not-entirely-serious creation inspired by a comic figure, performs a useful function. A crazy eyecatcher in the shape of a bear. More loyal than any real four-legged friend. An original table which will put a smile on the face of everyone who sees it. With its practical top our Bear is actually a flyweight, but with its fighting weight of 6 kg it still puts in a robust performance. A real eyecatcher for your bar, living room or wherever you decide to put it. Material: Polyresin.

    Material: polyresin, 20 kg max. load-carrying capacity, delivery assembled Maintenance and Cleaning: Art. No. 25004 KKC Plus cleaner, Art. No. 25005 Furniture Highgloss Polish Set

    Measures (H/W/D): 53 x 40 x 40 centimeters

    Weight: 6.5 kg

  • Side Table Animal Meerkat Sisters

    Side table: A meerkat rarely comes alone – the cute animals are known for their wide-awake nature and intrepid curiosity, with which they repeatedly get themselves into extraordinary situations. This also includes their function as a side table. As a pair the two meerkats hold up the table top and manage to look so mischievous that it is a real pleasure to accept their help. The Meerkat Sisters side table can be used in an imaginatively furnished reading nook or as a decorative accessory for plants.

    Material: polyresin

    Measures (H/W/D): 52 x 35 x 33 centimeters

    Weight: 6 kg

  • Side Table Animal Mini Squirrel

    It s a good thing that this squirrel is doing its workout well – it provides us with an exclusive side table. The table top that the animal is lifting is reminiscent of a tree disc and is big enough for a coffee cup and a book, or whatever else you need when you re stretched out on the couch or sunbed. The cheerful squirrel likes to keep people company.

    • Small, round side table with squirrel figure as its base and lots of charm.
    • A sweet bedside table for overnight guests young and old.
    • Small and compact – and therefore mobile and flexible throughout the home.
    • Thanks to its low height, it is ideal next to the lounger and chaise longue or in the seating corner.
    • Animal is a series of funny side tables with countless delightful motifs.

    Material: Polyresin, 5 kg Max. load-carrying capacity

    Measures (H/W/D): 35 x 25 x 25 centimeters

    Weight: 4 kg