Warm bathrooms with electronic equipment for towel dryers

Warm bathrooms with electronic equipment for towel dryers

by Casa Trasacco |January 2, 2019 | Blogs
The Noken firm of PORCELANOSA Grupo has developed a new technology for a total wellness experience. The different options Smart, Smart Eco or Smart Plus Program intuitively allow greater control and programming of the product with the design as an emblem.

Technology for greater personal well-being. Under this premise, the Noken baths firm of PORCELANOSA Grupo has developed new electronic equipment for towel dryers and is committed to a total relaxation of the user. Its different functions of use range from the simplest programs (on / off) to the most customizable. Some pieces for the bathroom that bring heat to the room and have a high power in its three options: Smart, Smart Eco and Smart Plus Program.

Energy efficiency under user control

Smart Plus Program is the most complete program and consists of a thermostatic clock, timer, keypad lock and night function. Its ECO system detects heat escapes through an open window and balances the heat distribution with its intensity and time options. The Smart and Smart ECO modality offers more basic aspects of programming with a continuous heating system and the possibility of choosing the time of operation. Evasion based on energy efficiency. New bathroom concept linked to the 21st century.

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