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by Casa Trasacco |January 2, 2019 | Blogs

Milan has hosted Design Week 2018, embracing all its style trends.

Some fashions have been merely updated whilst others take the design sector by storm and prepare to enclothe the future, like a brand-new resplendent dress ready for a special occasion.

The word colour definitely sums up this event which manages to put an unexpected creative spin on accepted aesthetics with each new edition, ushering in a refreshingly contemporary spirit. Today more than ever, different shades define and fill out objects, imbuing them with irresistible appeal. Being the great master painter that it is, Fashion dips into an unimpeachable colour palette, putting a new slant on accessories and creating a series of independent realms where each one of us can find something to suit his tastes. Let’s take a closer look at the attraction that has gripped thousands of visitors who flocked to Milan, a triumph which testifies to the fact that the Italian fashion capital of the world cannot put a foot wrong:


Who ever said “Old is Over”?

For the last few years, the vintage trend has completely turned around our attitude to design, dusting off and reviving the shades of theSixties, Seventies and Eighties, along with the designs, compositions and combinations of that time. This pairing of colours, textures and decorative details creates a charmingly boho atmosphere from yesteryear and transports us to a magical place somewhere between past and present. The timeless lines of those years with their simple bold beauty migrate onto new objects – upholstery, wallpaper, velvet and geometrical accents which fill the modern house with sassy shades of violet, pink, pomegranate red and sky blue.  The beauty of this trend is amply illustrated by the Bar Luce, a coffeehouse located inside the Prada Foundation of Milan and designed by the director Wes Anderson. Here the Sixties-style tables, record players and pastel-coloured armchairs have turned this place into a new city mecca (as well as being the go-to place for fashion-blogger photos).
On these carefully furnished premises where nothing has been left to chance, the warmth of wood and opulence of precious materials play a strategic role in creating the right setting. The various brands on the market have their own take on the trend, each delivering its own personal stamp. They whisk the visitor off into an entrancing dimension somewhere between past and present where the only common factor is the cosiness and sense of hospitality conveyed by this style.


And how can we talk about vintage style without mentioning WALLPAPER?

Adorable, unusual and sometimes true works of art. To see what we mean, pay a visit to Pause – a small gem of a place situated in the centre of Milan just off the perennially busy Corso Buenos Aires. Pause is a concept store serving coffee and homemade cakes – this is the secret of its success. It welcomes its customers and makes them feel completely at home, delighting them each week with an edit of incredibly original clothes, accessories and design objects. The first thing you notice when you walk through the door is the botanical-art papered wall which brightens up the whole premises and is one of the most-requested items by customers. She says it is a one-off article which was hand-painted by talented youngsters. But if you don’t want to count on luck, design is on your side anyway. The new wallpapers available in commerce are genuine works of art. Indeed, this new trend has prompted the various brands on the market to invest in research and explore prints, motifs, patterns and drawings. This impetus has raised these new wallpapers to great heights, light years away from those simple geometrical designs or baroque styles that we were used to seeing on our grandparents’ homes. But the real revelation of this Salone comes to us from Mother Nature in her thousand guises.


Foliage and more foliage, as we wend our way through a wild forest of undiluted colour and good vibes.

Because a positive spirit is what defines the new designs for 2018 – a feeling of irrepressible joy and gaiety bursts forth, even with the more minimalist forms of décor, like the first light of spring that has been long awaited. And in all of this, in addition to being an on-trend colour for the design season, green becomes a way to introduce a natural aesthetic into the setting.Plants, flowers and wild prints overrun walls, rugs and upholstery and each corner of the house comes alive with a different shade of green, ushering in a fresh gust of novelty. Some undertakings are botanical by name and by nature. The Botanical Club is a Milanese success story known to many which has turned this trend into its signature hallmark. It has opened two sets of premises in less than 3 years – one in the Tortona zone and the other in Via Pastrengo. It is a cocktail bar with avant-garde cuisine, serving innovative dishes and the best gin tonic in town. Inside, the Botanical remains faithful to its chosen theme and features gigantic plants that luxuriate in the opulent atmosphere whilst mirrored glistening surrounds throw back and amplify their own splendid image. The colour green continues to dominate with velvet-covered seats and low lighting that adds warmth to the setting after apertif time.



Some things never seem to change, but Pink is not one of these.

Quintessentially feminine, over the past few years it has managed to morph into a huge number of nuances and depths of colour that evoke diametrically opposed worlds and imaginary realms. Ladylike pastel pink, a super fuchsia pink with Eighties’ Pop overtones and a Grace pink that tempered any excessively bright shades and uplifted subtler shades. In 2018, Pink takes on a new semblance in a richly explosive colour with a highly refined vibe. It comes close to a Magenta, but also verges on the amethyst violet of Pomegranate Red. It features in a big way on the new seating collections, elevating sofas and armchairs, but also the smaller items. With its rejuvenating freshness, it even appeals to the men and it is the perfect way to transfigure the staidness of a minimalist room decorated in a classic black & white colourway. Whilst in Italy, we use this shade as a way to break up a sameness and illuminate a low-key refined setting with a pop of colour, in Asia they take this colour very seriously indeed. Recently the Unicorn Café has opened at Bangkok in Thailand where everything is strictly related to the wonderful mythological animal from which it takes its name. And as chance would have it, not only are the walls covered in rainbow colours, but the rest of the décor is gloriously pink! This includes the menu, giant armchairs and wallpaper, not to mention the hamburgers and smoothies. And the best part? The unicorn suit which is the official dress code. And guess what colour it comes in?

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