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Massimiliano Colasuonno Taricone has a personal and family history behind him which testifies to courage and resourcefulness.

His family has been at the top of Ghanaian entrepreneurship for decades. An adventure started by Ernesto Fiore Taricone in the 60s, when a young emigrant left Italy to settle in Ghana in search of fortune.

Sixty years later, the company which gave birth to it, Trasacco Group is present as a leader in various sectors of the Ghanaian economy. An experience that continues today thanks to the commitment and vision of Massimiliano.

Casa Trasacco is a quality-driven furniture Company that supplies high-specification commercial furniture for almost any industry, home with over 50 years experience.


In 2007 the time is ripe for a new entrepreneurial adventure. Casa Trasacco Limited is born, the new jewel of the Trasacco Group, led by Massimiliano.

The company deals with import-export of design furniture for multinationals, ministries, public institutions and international financial institutions, as well as for the most famous hotel chains, with an eye to the commercial relations between Italy and Ghana.

Since 2010 Casa Trasacco has also been the incubator of an ambitious international promotion project for “made in Ghana” products.

Parallel to the birth of the new company, Massimiliano Colasuonno Taricone is also called to join the Board of Directors of Trasacco Group.

In 2016 the Government of Ghana awarded him the title of Consul of Ghana in Italy. A role that sanctions the manager’s double soul and that he has decided to interpret by dedicating himself to the development of industrial relations between the two countries.

Philosophy & Mission

“Our family’s key philosophy is the love for Ghana”, Massimiliano explains. “In fact when a new business proposal is brought before the Chairman (my uncle), his first reaction is: how does it benefit Ghana, the people, the Ghanaian environment? With a large family of Ghanaians and Italians, it is imperative we always think of ways to develop our homeland.”

The Casa Trasacco mission is to offer the best furnishings and decorations possible at affordable prices, and to support it with excellent quality and service (customized projects – 3D renders etc.) offering products that is innovative, beautiful and stay relevant even as your taste and lifestyle changes.

Mr Ernesto Taricone

Mr Ernesto Taricone

Massimiliano Colasuonno Taricone

Massimiliano Colasuonno Taricone

Agata Taricone

Agata Taricone