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Trasacco Group was founded by Baron Ernesto Fiore Taricone in 1974 after he settled in Ghana from his native country Italy. The foundation of the Group as it now exists was laid down by Ernesto Taricone, son of the original founder. He arrived in Ghana in 1968, he stayed put and never left. After his father passed away, he took over the reins of the family business. Surviving the revolution that took place in 1979 and the resulting years of lack of business opportunities, Ernesto is today the Chairman of the TRASACCO Group, which has a force of around 2000 employees across Ghana and a significant combined assets of equipment, facilities, property, land and human resources.

The TRASACCO Group has always been associated with quality and innovation. TRASACCO Valley, was the first luxury planned-residential development in Ghana and remains the most prestigious gated community in the country.


Casa Trasacco is known for its high-quality products. As the Ghanaian agent of various world-leading home and office design brands, Casa Trasacco brings the work of leading designers to Ghana.

Ghana, with its stable and developing economy, is fast becoming a business hub in Africa. These changes also reflect in lifestyle, and Casa Trasacco aims to fulfill the demand for high quality lifestyle.

Since 2016 Casa Trasacco has become the Official Ghanaian distributor of Porcelanosa Group (tiles – parquet – stones – sanitary wares etc.) and Technogym equipment (world leader wellness machines).

Casa Trasacco opened a new section dedicated to the amazing Italian food and flavor: ChopItaly Food & Lifestyle is a trendy and cozy restaurant, where you can spend lovely time with your friends, family or business partners, indulging in a relaxing ambience and tasting the authenticity of Italian homemade cuisine.

Massimiliano C. Taricone manages the new venture alongside his cousin, Agata Taricone. Just like his uncle he came to visit the family and was instantly enamored with Ghana. After a couple more visits, he too stayed and embraced his family’s philosophy: Love for Ghana.

Today, Massimiliano, is the Honorary Counsel of Ghana to Italy.

Philosophy & Mission

“Our family’s key philosophy is the love for Ghana”, Massimiliano explains. “In fact when a new business proposal is brought before the Chairman (my uncle), his first reaction is: how does it benefit Ghana, the people, the Ghanaian environment? With a large family of Ghanaians and Italians, it is imperative we always think of ways to develop our homeland.”

The Casa Trasacco mission is to offer the best furnishings and decorations possible at affordable prices, and to support it with excellent quality and service (customized projects – 3D renders etc.) offering products that is innovative, beautiful and stay relevant even as your taste and lifestyle changes.

Mr Ernesto Taricone

Mr Ernesto Taricone

Massimiliano Colasuonno Taricone

Massimiliano Colasuonno Taricone

Agata Taricone

Agata Taricone