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  • Table Clock Flow Antique

    Description: A clock with a difference! Flow tells you the time while leaning casually against the table, shelf or sideboard. The secret of its success? Nostalgic design combined with new form.

    Material: ABS, polystyrene, Quartz clock movement, battery: 1x AA Mignon LR6 1,5 V (excl.)

    Measures (H/W/D): 18 x 12 x 13 centimeters

    Weight: 0.2 kg


  • Wall Clock Black Mamba Chrome

    Description: Elegant wall clock in an XL format with a high level of coolness
    Solidly beautiful: the shiny, cool glass dial and chrome-plated frame are an elegant combination
    Squaring the circle: the square dial gives the clock a graphically modern look
    Elegant wall decoration for spacious rooms in the loft style or in old buildings
    It is also ideal in the office as an eye-catcher in the entrance area
    Material: Frame: Glass Toughened safety glass Colored, Steel chromed, Battery excluded AA LR6 1,5V Mignon,

    Measures (H/W/D): 91 x 91 x 5 centimeters

    Weight: 9.5 kg

  • Wall Clock Clip Gold

    Description: A sculpture showing time. The Clip clock captivates not only by its imposing size, but also by its refined construction, which gives it a modern and minimalist appearance. Especially beautiful in front of a coloured wall or a large patterned wallpaper.

    A real gem
    Extremely light
    Material: rack: steel powder-coated, battery excluded AA LR6 1,5V Mignon

    Measures (H/W/D): 107 x 107 x 14.5 centimeters

    Weight: 2.65 kg

  • Wall Clock Factory Mirror

    Description: Rough, clear lacquered steel with intentional vintage traces and the XXL size give this clock the typical industrial look.
    Extra design feature: the dial is backed with mirrored glass and reflects the light and its surroundings.
    If time flies by so fast anyway, why not do it in style.
    Makes an impact in the middle of a wall – minimalist against a white background, highly decorative on a coloured wall, particularly true to style on anthracite.
    Factory is our collection of industrial-style furniture and accessories for cool loft looks – discover it here in the shop.
    Material: Frame: Steel lacquered, Clockwork: Polystyrene, Window: Glass Mirrored, Back panel: Pine Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) Natural/untreated, Hands: Steel lacquered, For wall fixing Vertical, Battery excluded AA LR6 1,5V Mignon

    Measures (H/W/D): 122.5 x 122.5 x 6.5 centimeters

    Weight: 19.45 kg


  • Wall Clock Glass Times Square

    Description: This impressive clock brings a piece of New York into the home with its unique vitality. Life and movement are highlighted by the visually distorted perspective. Further motifs.

    Material: 4 mm Glass Toughened safety glass Laminated, Polypropylene, 1 Unit Battery excluded AA LR6 1,5V Mignon, Quartz movement

    Measures (H/W/D): 80 x 80 x 0 centimeters

    Weight: 7 kg


  • Wall Clock Like Umbrella Black

    Description: A design from everyday life – The design of an everyday object has been transformed here by creative spirits into a highly unconventional clock. There s no doubt that this original timepiece owes its appearance to the umbrella. This is why the Like Umbrella Black clock features 12 spokes radiating out towards the numerals. But with its exclusive look this wall decoration has come a long way from the humble umbrella. The original design concept has been given an aristocratic touch by its filigree black simplicity. Thanks to the spokes this clock does not make the overpowering impression of other clocks of this size. It looks especially effective on a large white wall. Assembly and attachment are child’s play . The clock can be assembled quickly and easily.

    Material: Metall, Polystyrene (PS),, Aluminium, 1x AA 1,5V battery (excl.)

    Measures (H/W/D): 100 x 100 x 6 centimeters

    Weight: 0.7 kg

  • Wall Clock Magic Wand

    Description: The Magic wall clock clearly doesn’t count the seconds – it s all about beautiful hours – inspired by the Italian design of the Fifties. In spite of its stately size Magic looks light and elegant. A look you won’t get tired of so easily.

    Few lines, strong impact
    A touch of retro design for the apartment
    A robust steel frame in classical black and gold
    A clock which is also a decorative highlight for the wall
    Material: Frame: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, Frame: Steel lacquered, Battery excluded AA LR6 1,5V Mignon,

    Measures (H/W/D): 91 x 91 x 5 centimeters

    Weight: 1.85 kg

  • Wall Clock Vintage Colore

    Description: Colourful numerals in 12 circles – A well-rounded clock with a diameter of 70 cm. On a round iron frame 12 differently coloured numerals circulate in the orbit of time. Every hour has its own round colour composition. Two filigree iron hands tell the time on delicate paper behind clear glass. A timepiece with a colourful decorative character – each number from 1 to 12 has its own individual colour on a contrasting background circle. The detail-rich shabby design places the traces of time in a nostalgic light.

    Material: steel, numbers: pvc, paper, Quartz clock movement, battery: 1x AA Mignon LR6 1,5 V (excl.)

    Measures (H/W/D): 70 x 70 x 7.5 centimeters

    Weight: 3.84 kg