UNICA™ is a multifunctional bench for your home built with the same materials as professional gym equipment. Elegant by design, UNICA™ is the most comprehensive physical fitness and muscle-strengthening equipment that exists.

Numerous accessories are also included:
Wellness Pad (a mat for performing stretching exercises)
Workout ankle band
Workout hand grip
Workout pulley bar
A comprehensive technical manual with suggestions on how to organize your workout programs
DVD to guide your workout
Maintenance kit
Wheel kit to make moving the equipment easier

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A complete gym at home

With more than 25 different exercises in just 1.5 square meters, the incredible versatility of Unica poses no limits to your strength.

Refined, compact design

Enjoy a complete home gym that shines in every detail: Unica fits your room perfectly. Explore your potential with targeted muscle strengthening, improve your fitness level and achieve athletic conditioning for your favourite sports.

Strength and shape

You can perform over 25 different exercises by simply selecting the desired weight. The biomechanics and easy-start system ensure the equipment is safe to use at all levels.

Style meets comfort

The adjustable seat, wide fitted backrest, ergonomic padding and non-slip handles provide comfort and performance.


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