First fully connected rowing machine that trains both cardio and power at an athlete’s level, thanks to its sport-specific design, exclusive technology and performance-oriented workouts.

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The new rowing machine with MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY™

MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY™ adds a further resistance to the air resistance. This groundbreaking innovation enables users to change the equipment mode from cardiovascular to power training by simply adjusting the resistance level.

Enhance your power and improve your rowing

A variety of training modes available on the rowing machine: for power training, set resistance at low, medium or high to perform the rowing movement with additional load. For cardiovascular training, set the level from 1 to 10 or select the specific drag factor.

The unique feel of rowing on water

The resistance delivered by the rowing machine was designed to follow the natural curve of the stroke in the water: the handle velocity throughout the active phase of the stroke is closer to the oar velocity in boat rowing than traditional ergometers. We named it AQUAFEEL™.

Intense on your muscles, easy on your back

Thanks to AQUAFEEL™, the resistance is more gradual on the rowing machine, making the movement fluid throughout and avoiding the backlash effect on the lower back.


Dedicated exercise programs developed by Technogym® to stimulate both the neuromuscular and the metabolic components of performance through cadence variations during training are available on the SKILLROW™ Professional APP featured on the rowing machine.


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