Armchair Perugia

Armchair Perugia

Armchair or statement! An elegant velvet armchair in the style of the 20s. The organic silhouette and elaborate folds of the soft cover ensure a unique, luxurious look. An armchair that embodies stylish glamour. Also available as a sofa.

Elegant velvety armchair in the style of the Twenties
An organically shaped silhouette
Elaborate fold technique
A uniquely luxurious look
Embodies stylish glamour
Material: corpus: chipboard natural/untreated, pine solid wood natural/untreated, cover: 100 % polyester, upholstering: 35 kg/m³ polyester, foot/base: stainless steel titanium coated, 200 kg max. load-carrying capacity, delivery knocked-down, 45 cm seat height

Measures (H/W/D): 75 x 79 x 75 centimeters

Weight: 16 kg

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