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  • Angled Fitness Bar

    The Angled Fitness Bar, also known as E-Z bar or curl bar, provides a more neutral and less supinated position of the wrists, useful for many exercises.

  • Fitness Bar 2010mm

    The B010 Fitness Bar is designed to meet the needs of beginners. Lightweight and featuring collars made of a high-quality plastic material, these barbells can be used primarily for general and bench exercises in a fitness setting.

    The all-purpose barbell

    The Fitness Bar is an all-purpose bar for the fitness enthusiast: capable of withstanding medium loads and easy on your hands thanks to the light knurling for an improved grip, it fulfils the beginner’s weightlifting needs completely. Its sturdy plastic sleeves are designed for a safe use and leave no markings on your premises, while allowing a gentle spin at the same time.

  • Olympic Flat Bench

    Olympic Flat Bench is a sleek designed, durable bench with two footplates to support shorter users, spotter platform for effective assistance and stop hooks for unsupervised training.

  • Urethane Plate Set

    Technogym’s Urethane Plates offer users improved safety, durability and manageability. Our plates are encased in durable, heavy-duty urethane which is designed to last longer and help prevent damage to equipment, walls or floors.

    Feel the power

    Make the best of your strength training: the exclusive, registered design of the Uretahne Disks makes them easy to pick up and allow great flexibility in exercises, while premium urethane coating makes them less susceptible to damage and absorb shocks effectively.