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  • Glass Picture Metallic Ocean 100x100cm

    Art motifs for the picture wall conjure up wow effects in your home. The colour scheme is modern and fresh and the design is creative. Are you thinking of the sound of the sea and your last holiday? Or what associations does this splendid wall decoration evoke in you? In any case, the sensational landscape format visually crowns the sofa in the living room or even the bed. Use this glass picture to relax your thoughts and give your home a real style upgrade. An ideal motif also for a medical practice, studio or other semi-public rooms.

    XL wall decoration with metallic effects: a large glass picture in square form measuring 100 x 100 cm
    Abstract art in blue, grey, and gold, reminiscent of waves, sand, and beach holidays
    Thanks to the hooks provided, the picture can be mounted in no time
    The high-quality print behind toughened safety glass
    Material: Picture: Polypropylene, Front: 4 mm Glass Toughened safety glass Laminated, For wall fixing Horizontal

    Measures (H/W/D): 100 x 100 x 0.4 centimeters

    Weight: 10 kg

  • Glass Picture Smooth Wave 80x120cm

    Why not let your thoughts wander in new directions? In this XL glass picture you can lose yourself and let your gaze wander on gentle waves. In your home office or bedroom the picture with its light background and the interplay of light and shadow will become a welcome haven of peace. And hung in the hallway it will provide guests with a highly visible sign of your good taste.

    Large wall-mounted picture sized 80x120cm in different shades of white
    An abstract digital art image with a depth effect
    Large, frameless glass pictures give living rooms and bedrooms a modern touch
    Metal hooks on the back of the glass picture make it easy to hang
    The toughened safety glass is of premium quality
    Material: Picture: Polypropylene, Front: 4 mm Glass Toughened safety glass Laminated, For wall fixing Vertical

    Measures (H/W/D): 120 x 80 x 0.4 centimeters

    Weight: 9.6 kg

  • Picture Glass Grand Central Station 160x120cm

    Picture: overwhelming on any wall. This glass picture provides a view of the approximately 40-metre high station concourse of New York s Grand Central Terminal. Life and movement are underlined by the visually distorted perspective, contrasts and details, giving this picture its depth and individual charm. The frameless format and glass make the motif even more expressive. Almost 100 million passengers board a train at one of the 44 platforms every year. 22 million come as tourists, more visitors than the Great Wall of China. The giant railway station covers an area of 19 hectares, three times as much as Ground Zero. And, of course, there is the imposing lobby, whose 40-metre-high dome is decorated with exactly 2599 stars, 60 of which are illuminated. Grand Central Terminal is more than 100 years old and still the world s largest station.

    Material: tempered glass 4mm, polypropylene foil printed

    Measures (H/W/D): 120 x 160 x 0.4 centimeters

    Weight: 19.2 kg

  • Picture Glass Metallic Gepard 100×150

    Interior accessories are like pieces of jewellery, they turn the interior into a distinctive look. Pictures like this reworked photograph, which gives every room glamorous flair, can be quickly exchanged and are highly individual.

    Large, frameless glass picture in landscape format of a cheetah in the boudoir
    A black-and-white picture behind glass, produced in brilliant quality using modern technology, with metallic effects and slight tinting
    A surrealist, artistic motif showing a big cat at the dressing table
    An impressive wall decoration above the sofa, the sideboard or especially in the bedroom above the bed
    Tip from the stylist team: pictures in XL format open up rooms visually like a large window
    Material: Picture: Polypropylene, Front: Glass Toughened safety glass Laminated

    Measures (H/W/D): 100 x 150 x 4 centimeters

    Weight: 16 kg

  • Picture Touched Flower Boat Gold Pink 160x120cm

    Material: Image printed on: Cotton (Canvas), Frame: Spruce Solid wood Natural/untreated, Other: Acrylic Paint, handpainted Details

    Measures (H/W/D): 160 x 120 x 3.5 centimeters

    Weight: 3.35 kg


    Material: PLASTIC

    Dimension: 50x70x4

    Color: Grey


    Material: Plastic

    Dimension: 50x70x4

    Color: Grey

  • Picture Frame Fragrance 115x115cm

    Artistically transformed photograph of a style icon as a picture print on canvas
    The black background reinforces the elegant aura of the art work
    A square picture in the imperishable pop art style
    Charming in the bedroom
    Available in various sizes
    Material: Image printed on: Linen flax, Frame: Polyresin, For wall fixing Vertical
    Measures (H/W/D): 114.6 x 114.6 x 4.7 centimeters

    Weight: 13.4 kg

  • Picture Glass Athlet 120x120cm

    A person, a moment, a gesture – and the rest of the world is faded out. That s why images can be as fascinating as this extraordinary athlete behind glass. Pure sensuousness.

    Impressive large-scale format without frame
    Black and white images match all furnishing colours
    A moment to collect our thoughts
    Photographic art which makes an almost graphic impression
    Adds the gallery style to your home
    Material: picture: polypropylene, front: 4 mm glass toughened safety glass laminated

    Measures (H/W/D): 120 x 120 x 4 centimeters

    Weight: 14.6 kg

  • Picture Glass Reception Hall 120×180

    This photographic artwork is a clear rejection of bare walls and makes an impression above the sofa, a sideboard or the bed. The picture behind glass has been created in brilliant quality with modern technology.

    Large glass picture with a historical architectural motif of a palace in landscape format
    The black-and-white photograph of a monumental staircase is embellished with metallic effects and a slight blue cast
    This picture is frameless and focuses on the magnificent reception hall with its flight of stairs
    Whoever has a large hallway should hang the XL-format photograph opposite the front door
    Tip from the interior professional: photo images with staircases, windows and landscapes make rooms seem larger
    Material: Picture: Polypropylene, Front: Glass Toughened safety glass Laminated

    Measures (H/W/D): 120 x 180 x 4 centimeters

    Weight: 9.6 kg