Office Furniture

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  • 5th Element

    Operational workstations with shared layout, ready to receive accessories and ideal to meet the needs for modern and performing work space. Front panels in printed felt outline the working areas and create optimal acoustic comfort, locally and in the whole environment.

  • Delta

    Executive desk entirely made of wood, with or without extension, characterised by neat and precise lines. A sequence of 35-mm panels the meet but do not touch one another.

  • Elite

    Executive collection where the worktop integrates with the structural base which also has a storage function. The only finishing features are the tops and doors of the drawer unit. A functional workstation embellished by wall panelling with shelves and optional LED lighting.

  • Enosi

    Enosi stands out for its modern shapes, always trendy and perfectly combinable in classic and modern environments.

  • Fil Rouge

    Versatile desks for executive and operational offices and meeting rooms.
    The aluminium frame, the flush-mounted top and the rounded edges define a new style.

  • Hellò

    A model which stands out as a reference point for its design and wide range available. Beautiful in any version, from the upholstered one to the mesh backrest, including the cantilever version.
    The headrest turns this chair into a semi-executive chair, performing and comfortable.
    Grey and anthracite backrests provide perfect matching with black, white and green mesh and with the wide range of fabrics selected for this new collection.
    The lumbar support is perfectly integrated into the backrest structure. An indispensable element of comfort, a detail with an impeccable design.

  • I-Meet

    Meeting tables in different formats, which can be combined to obtain large compositions. The reduction of the supports and the slender section of the legs give a great lightness and stability to the compositions, for a perfect use on all the sides.

  • Iulio

    In this collection aluminium and wood interact to reach the right stylistic balance and satisfy users with the most diverse functional preferences.

  • Jera

    Wood and leather characterise the structural elements, creating a clear distinction from the working surfaces. An aesthetic and tactile effect, precious and sophisticated.

  • Lead

    A collection of executive office chairs of great prestige, available in three backrest height options and two options for the armrests, in die-cast aluminium and upholstered.
    A true icon, a symbol of leadership and authority to furnish offices and meeting rooms.Quality in every detail. Great attention is paid to design, in each and every component, including the base frames that are available in die-cast aluminium or wood, fixed or on wheels.
    Through its forms and its equipment, Lead communicates the user’s position and the function of the environment in which it is set, standing out and characterising it in an ever-new way.

  • Neo Chair

    A classic item in the world of executive office chairs. Stitches in the same colour as the lining, a new range of fabrics and leathers, the two versions of the armrest and the new mechanism make it ideal to meet different stylistic requirements.
    The upholstery is simple yet comfortable, marked only by the seams lines on the backrest.
    Clear and neat signs that make it modern and stylish.An accurate and innovative selection of fabrics expands the range of available coverings, going beyond classic leather chairs.
    Every stylistic preference can be perfectly satisfied.The armrests, adjustable or fixed and ring-shaped, can completely transform the chair by improving its design as well as the function and position it represents.

  • Oscar

    This is a complete collection of completely upholstered chairs with a mesh backrest. The perfect chair for the office environment but is makes a great chair also for executives, in combinations composed of the headrest version and chairs with a metal base frame.
    The metal base frame version has the formal design of classic office chairs. Its distinctive element is the shaped backrest that makes room for the upholstery.
    Balanced style between chair and cantilever version, also in the mesh version of Oscar chairs.
    A shared outline between the two versions, that adds a stylish element.The rich palette of finishes allows new combinations which include mesh backrests and upholstered seats.