Kitchen furniture

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  • Aliant

    Aliant is a model made by combining two systems: Look System, with its 75 cm modules, and Evolution System, which has a greater capacity for base units, saucepans, columns and wall units, from double shelves to interior of low furniture, worktops flush with the doors and precious interior finishes. It is a kitchen to which doors and various elements can be integrated to create original solutions, made from a very innovative project and equipped with a wide range of accessories to meet all requirements.

  • Bolgheri

    A kitchen beautiful to live in, elegant and harmonious, rich in accessories and with a soft design. Bright and welcoming, Bolgheri recalls the most delicate colors of the earth and nature, making it current and combinable with various contemporary furnishings. The strength of wood combined with the delicacy of its design and its craftsmanship combine to create the magic of the atmosphere of the past.

  • City

    City is a universe of vintage inspirations: its retro design proposes and exalts traditional materials, reinterpreting them in a contemporary key. An example? The door with frame and padded central panel, a distinctive feature of the Stosa City model, which in this case adopts a creative style, not at all conventional. A solid and firm aesthetic, a kitchen capable of providing tactile and visual sensations with its material finishes, wood effect and PET. City is a project in constant evolution, represented by different styles that respectively identify a different way of enjoying cooking.

  • Color Trend

    The identity of Color Trend is already manifested in its name: a model characterized by the single door in various colors, plain or combined. The result is an original decorative effect that is the result of the chromatic alternation between the different elements of the environment: the furniture communicates through colors and the kitchen manages to express all its originality.

  • Dolcevita

    Dolcevita is the kitchen with an imperishable style where elegance and classicism interact in perfect harmony. Today Dolcevita is renewed and gives us a more complete double experience, combining its unmistakable aesthetics with other proposals of international taste.

  • Metropolis

    Stosa modern kitchens – Metropolis kitchen model 11717
    A vast range of finishes for the fronts: laminated material, thermo-structured, Fenix, Pet, translucent glass or ribbed.

    Glossy or matt surfaces, with wood or marble veins, or plain colored, can be chosen with a wide range of opening systems. To all this are added independent or lateral open modules in lacquered metal, for a project that is distinguished by its elegance and modernity.

    Designed with Evolution System, the system that increases capacity to the maximum by reinterpreting style, functionality and interaction, Metropolis offers well-organized containment spaces, with modules up to 75 cm wide to house the latest generation appliances, such as a refrigerator and XXL oven. This new modularity allows the creation of projects with new forms that, together with the eclectic style of the finishes, offers the maximum opportunity to personalize the kitchen.

  • Natural

    The main feature of Natural consists of the doors with oak staves, which express all the genuineness of natural wood in five shades conceived to respond to modern styles of life and decoration. In the Natural kitchen, the charm of natural material is combined with the great modularity achieved thanks to an in-depth and continually evolving study that provides the modules with greater depth and height to optimize their containment capacity.

  • Newport

    Newport interprets the naturalness of wood in two exclusive variants: Barrique and Avena, finishes with which stained and brushed Oak decorates the most welcoming and authentic interior design styles. On the other hand, Bianco Alba, Beige Angora and Grigio Pernice are the shades with which Smooth Pickled Ash evokes the Scandinavian style: combined with matt lacquers or with the finishes of the modern range, they create an atmosphere of great personality and Nordic charm.

  • Tosca

    A model with a sophisticated image that lends itself to combinations with the finishes and colors of the modern range. Wood brings warmth and authenticity to the kitchen, evoking the charm of natural material in the environment. Tosca decapé ash finishes can be chosen in three exclusive shades; the doors, smooth or with staves, alternate with matt lacquers in natural colors or material finishes.

  • Virginia

    Virginia combines traditional style with contemporary design proposals. A kitchen that expresses a refined country-chic style where the rustic warmth of the furniture discovers a new balance in a more subdued and delicate version. Exquisite atmospheres and unique details give life to a classic and cozy atmosphere reinterpreted in a contemporary key.

  • Alevé

    With their fresh, modern design, Alevè kitchens are functional, comfortable, and perfect for keeping pace with today’s constantly changing lifestyles. Alevè kitchens bring you rational ergonomics with a touch of urban glamour.

    Cleverly designed opening systems contribute to the great user experience offered by Alevè kitchens: with Alevè, you are free to choose the opening system that best matches your personal preferences and the needs of space, practicality and style.

    Mix, combine, alternate, re-interpret. Alevè offers plenty of choice for customers in search of an essential, modern, minimal and contemporary look based on perfect alignments and clear-cut volumes. The two main materials – material-effect laminate and UV lacquer create combinations just as surprising as a dish of mouth-watering flavours.

  • Infinity

    The versatile Infinity range is the perfect choice for a dynamic and creative kitchen in which everything is possible. This unmistakable collection spans Nordic-inspired designs, metropolitan compositions and finishes from typical wood grain to high-tech materials like Fenix and ecological alternatives like PET. Infinity lets you customise your kitchen to match your stylistic preferences and functional needs.