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    A serving of style. Whether it s gin and tonic, whiskey sour, Martini, or Cosmopolitan, these fine bar trolley drinks are presented in style. It offers space on two levels for the elegant presentation and transport of beverages, snacks, etc. . The exclusive color and material combination of brass-colored stainless steel and black safety glass provides a touch of luxury and glamour. Four casters make this serving trolley mobile, which means it not only looks good to the eye but also makes an impact with its practical virtues.

    Material: Base material: 7 mm Toughened safety glass Colored, Stainless steel brass-plated, 15 kg/Je Max. load-carrying capacity, Delivery Knocked-down, 57 x 38 cm Storage space

    88 x 75 x 50 centimeters Measures (H/W/D):

    Weight: 13 kg