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  • Foot Stool Drawer Blue

    A moment ago it was used as a resting place, now it s available as a coffee table, and later on it can be used as a footrest. It also loves to function as a meditation seat or bedside table. One thing is clear: the Drawer stool loves changing roles, so it can prove its versatility and mobility.

    • A mobile multi-talent
    • Provides storage space with its practical drawer
    • With robust, solid-wood legs in the Fifties look
    • Other versions also available

    Material: cover: 100 % polyester, upholstering: polyurethane, foot/base: pine solid wood lacquered, steel nickel-plated, delivery knocked-down

    Measures (H/W/D): 46 x 50 x 35 centimeters

    Weight: 7.2 kg

  • Foot Stool Suitcase Orange

    People who love to travel appreciate things that are multifunctional. The Suitcase stool is therefore doubly appealing to them: on the one hand because of its wanderlust appeal, and on the other because it not only serves as a seat, but also offers storage space. Available in different colours.

    • Perfect for the guest room
    • With hidden storage space
    • A bright and cheerful multi-talent with the retro touch
    • In the signal colour of orange

    Material: cover: 100 % polyester, upholstering: polyurethane, foot/base: pine solid wood lacquered, steel nickel-plated, delivery knocked-down

    Measures (H/W/D): 35 x 50 x 37.5 centimeters

    Weight: 5 kg

  • Goa High Industrial Chest of Drawers

    HIGH INDUSTRIAL WOOD AND IRON COMMODThis chest of drawers or serving cabinet is made of antique wood and has 13 drawers and a door. Its handles are made of iron and are of different shapes and sizes. It will stand proudly in your Loft and will bring a factory and industrial atmosphere.

  • Mirror Bubbles Brass

    An all-round talent: Bubbles harmonises with almost any interior. Above the sofa or in a long hallway, this original mirror becomes a real statement piece. In combination with light tones, wood or concrete and fluffy materials, its round shapes and the golden sheen of the 15 frames come into their own. Bubbles will replace a wall-painting and magically reflect the surroundings and the light.

    • A real mirror object: the extra-wide and large mirror impresses with 15 round, brass-coloured frames.
    • Work of art or mirror? It’s all in the eye of the beholder, definitely an eye-catcher.
    • Bye-bye, bare walls – with this large mirror object, wide surfaces can be decorated in one go.
    • Casual highlight on bright walls, dramatic contrast to dark walls.
    • Available in another version with a black frame.

    Material: Glass: Glass Mirrored, Frame: Stainless steel brass-plated, For wall fixing Horizontal, Delivery Assembled

    Measures (H/W/D): 93 x 138 x 2 centimeters

    Weight: 21 kg

  • Mirror Crystals Steel Gold

    Whenever you look in this mirror it s showtime! This is because cut glass blocks extend around the edge of the mirror like a diamond necklace. Crystal Steel is a series of wall mirrors with gold or chrome highlights on the frame and comes in many different sizes.

    • Glamourous thanks to its sparkling stones
    • Adds glitter and radiance to the hallway, bedroom or spare bathroom
    • Can be hung horizontally or vertically
    • For fans of bling
    • Large enough to view yourself from top to toe

    Material: glass: glass mirrored, frame: glass colored, stainless steel nickel-plated, for wall fixing horizontal und vertical, 167 x 67 x 1 cm mirror surface

    Measures (H/W/D): 180 x 80 x 3 centimeters

    Weight: 22 kg

  • Mirror Curve Round

    Simple design – great effect. A large round wall mirror with great proportions, a reduced silhouette and a steel frame. It combines glamour with timeless chic and is ideal for a modern and elegant interior style. In doing so, it optically enlarges rooms in a particularly beautiful way. This mirror is also available in other versions.

    • Stylish mirror with a reduced silhouette
    • Great proportions
    • Combines glamour with timeless design
    • Ideally suited to an elegant modern furnishing style
    • Further versions also available

    Material: glass: glass mirrored, frame: stainless steel polished, hand-made, 98 cm Ø mirror surface, Maintenance and Cleaning: Art. No. 25035 Natural Wood Maintenance Oil

    Measures (H/W/D): 100 x 100 x 5 centimeters

    Weight: 14.5 kg

  • Picture Glass Face the World Profil

    A fascinating glass picture: multiple colours An artistically reinterpreted portrait of a beautiful woman immersed in attractive colours – ideal for modern rooms, it will also be a visual highlight in your office or shop. Comes in one further motif.

    Material: picture: polypropylene, front: 4 mm glass toughened safety glass laminated

    Measures (H/W/D): 120 x 80 x 4 centimeters

    Weight: 8.5 kg

  • Picture Glass Face Tiger

    Face-to-face with the tiger – Impressive, stately and untamed: this marvellous black-and-white photograph of a tiger will enhance your wall with the overwhelming feeling of the jungle. With its powerful aura the portrait makes an impact of its own and requires no ornamentation. The picture is suspended by four clip holders, so that no frame distracts from the image itself.

    Material: tempered glass 4mm, polypropylene foil printed

    Measures (H/W/D): 80 x 80 x 4 centimeters

    Weight: 6.4 kg

  • Picture Glass Metallic Paris View

      • A high-quality panorama picture behind glass with a black-and-white sketch of Paris and gold element.
      • Breathtakingly beautiful: the way the Eiffel Tower, Paris’s landmark, rises into the golden sky.
      • An XL-format wall decoration that emphasises the pulsating character of the big city.
      • Makes an impressive statement of style: suspended above a velvet sofa, it lends the home cosmopolitan flair.

      Material: Picture: Polypropylene, Front: 4 mm Glass Toughened safety glass Laminated, For wall fixing Horizontal

      Measures (H/W/D): 50 x 120 x 4 centimeters

      Weight: 6 kg

  • Picture Glass Native Front

    • The black-and-white portrait makes an impact with a powerful aura
    • The large format comes into its own without frames getting in the way
    • Photographic art which also unfolds its full effect on large walls
    • Black-and-white photographs are timeless and match all furnishing colours
    • Transforms your home into a gallery

    Material: picture: polypropylene, front: 4 mm glass toughened safety glass laminated

    Measures (H/W/D): 150 x 100 x 4 centimeters

    Weight: 14.7 kg

  • Picture Glass Oldtimer Back

    • Decorative photo art in museum quality behind glass
    • The car is a design statement from the 1950s, the image of which is just as cool
    • A cool collector’s item, which hanging on a big wall makes a great eye-catcher
    • Aesthetics, design, grace – and the most beautiful back area of the city
    • Quite honestly: all big and small boys dream of a 300 SL Mercedes with wing doors! Plan it as a gift!

    Material: picture: polypropylene, front: 4 mm glass toughened safety glass laminated, for wall fixing horizontal

    Measures (H/W/D): 120 x 160 x 4 centimeters

    Weight: 19.2 kg

  • Picture Glass Proud Lion

    Wild beauty. Graceful, sublime, wild – this impressive photograph of a lion conjures up an overwhelming feeling of Africa on the wall. Unembellished and reduced, the portrait makes an impact with its strong aura. The picture is fastened by 4 clips, ensuring that no frame distracts from the actual motif. Other sizes available.

    Material: Picture: Polypropylene, Front: Glass Toughened safety glass Clear

    Measures (H/W/D): 80 x 120 x 4 centimeters

    Weight: 9.6 kg