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  • Infinity

    The versatile Infinity range is the perfect choice for a dynamic and creative kitchen in which everything is possible. This unmistakable collection spans Nordic-inspired designs, metropolitan compositions and finishes from typical wood grain to high-tech materials like Fenix and ecological alternatives like PET. Infinity lets you customise your kitchen to match your stylistic preferences and functional needs.


  • Maya

    Maya combines elegant, modern looks with practical, functional design. Essential and refined at the same time, Maya is a kitchen all design lovers are sure to appreciate. Maya’s vast range of colours and finishes lets you create original combinations to keep your kitchen looking always new.

  • York

    York forms a link between the classic allure of yesterday and the innovative look of today. This elegant and highly personal collection features a distinctive industrial style enhanced by attention to detail. Classic decorative details go hand in hand with modern materials to create a personal, refined and timeless kitchen.`