Individually Pack Christmas Gifts

Individually Pack Christmas Gifts

by webadmin |December 12, 2018 | Blogs

Mainstream wrapping paper? We do not need! We pack our gifts this year with a very personal, individual touch. Here are a few tips on how to start admiring the packaging!

  1. The Packaging: Natural Materials
    Brown recycle paper and cartons make a wonderful base for creating personalized gift boxes. You can even get parcel tape or natural cords made of jute at the post office, which is also a great move for last-minute presents! Scissors, pens and some tape (here is easy masking tape is wonderful, because you can leave loving messages or scribbles on it) – et voila, your basic equipment for stylish gift packaging stands.
  2. Your own design
    Consider the natural brown wrapping paper as your canvas. Now you can let your creativity run free: You can design it for example with white, silver, golden and black splashes or swabs to a precious gift bow – in minutes! Even stamps are an easy way to make your wrapping paper a unique creation.
  3. Decoration: Gifts from nature
    In terms of decoration, our native nature presents us with fir or pine branches, which emit a Christmas-wintery flair. Eucalyptus leaves or branches with berries are also modern and atmospheric. Those who like it exotic, use large leaves, such as banana leaves or large, fan-shaped leaves. And for all those who have a romantic tendency, dried flowers are also suitable. And if you love the scent of Christmas, you also use cinnamon sticks. For attaching you just put the branches under the cords. For sheets, it’s best to use some liquid glue that you apply to the back of the sheet.
  4. Personalize
    Looks good, your packaging, right? And now you start with the decisive touch: you touch with a very personal touch. Do you have a nice picture of you and the person you are going to gift? Then you can now attach the picture under the drawstring. So your gift will become precious from priceless to priceless. Incidentally, you can cut out small cardboard tags from cardboard scraps, which you thread in the package tape before you tie the loop. The wrapping paper is also good for leaving small messages on it. From small greetings, such as “For my dear grandma,” to poems or love letters: Write what you want to say, after all, Christmas is also considered the feast of love!



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