Pouf: A Unique And Versatile Piece Of Furniture!

Pouf: A Unique And Versatile Piece Of Furniture!

by webadmin |August 16, 2018 | Uncategorized

Would you like to give a touch of design to your apartment or your room without upsetting your home decor?

There is a small detail that – despite being small in size – is able to enrich your spaces with character and originality.

What are we talking about?

Of the legendary poufs!

The poufs will have a dual function in your rooms: they will be excellent seats and excellent furnishings!

One of the features we love most about this small object is its versatility!

But not just simple sessions!

The poufs are fantastic even some feet. If, in fact, they are positioned at a distance limited by armchairs or sofas, they will be a relief for your legs after a long day at work!

And why not use them as very soft tables?

You can lean on small things – it’s true – but they will always have the best role.

Are you watching TV, reading a book or consulting some recipes from your phone?

Here: the pouf will be the perfect headrest!

But if you’re having a coffee with your guests, the pouf will know – always – how to make yourself useful.

You may think of placing a large tray in the upper and soft part of the pouf and using it as a coffee table.

But it did not end here!
There are openable poufs that turn into fantastic containers!

Where you can store those items, useful, but you just do not like to see around the house.
An example?
You can store the remote controls of your TV and your decoder or even the slippers that you use at home or the plaids that during the winter are essential during your relaxation!

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